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The great wee Xmas campaign – Become a weeChampion!

Christmas is nearly here. And as is well known, the anticipation is the best part of it. We want to sweeten this even more with our great wee Xmas campaign, in which you can win attractive prizes with a total value of €50,000.

Therefore, from 13 November 2017 until 31 December 2017, we are looking for weeChampions – 108 in total!

And in this campaign, anyone can become a weeChampion. Here you can see how it works:

Register for our great wee Xmas campaign via the following link: wee.com/portal/xmas-champion.php

Use your weeCard or the weeApp for all your different online and offline purchases: Whether for your daily needs, on extended shopping spree or for buying Christmas presents for your loved ones.

Every purchase with a minimum value of €20 counts, and increases your chances of winning. And the best thing about our great wee Xmas campaign is that winners are determined by the number of purchases and total amount spent, not some prize draw where everything is down to pure chance.

This is what makes shopping fun: Whoever is top of the wee Xmas ranking list at 23:59 (CET) on 31 December 2017 receives the first prize: Credited wee to the value of €20,000. But the other 107 weeChampions aren’t left empty-handed: Depending on their placing, an array of further attractive shopping credit prizes awaits.

Depending on their desires and whims, the lucky winners can fulfil their wishes great and small, or simply treat their loved ones. The range offered by our worldwide weePartners is enormous. There is (hardly) anything they don’t sell.

And that’s not all: The more people take part in our great wee Xmas campaign, the more children’s aid projects will be supported to a tune of up to €100,000. A small act that can achieve big things.

What are you waiting for? Become a weeChampion!

We wish you lots of luck!


See how easy it is to participate, plus how you can even increase your chances of winning, by visiting: wee.com/portal/xmas-termsofuse.php

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