5 tips for more customer traffic in your shop

Customer relationships are just like friendships: you first need to build them up, then maintain them. Here are some simple tips and actions that will help you retain and expand your customer base.


  1. Have an online presence

Customers’ shopping behaviour has completely changed in this digital age. These days, everyone researches online before making the journey to the shops. Therefore, you should create a website, regularly maintain your social media channels and register on review portals such as Yelp or others that are relevant in your own particular country. Ask your regular customers and friends to leave positive reviews. React to criticism professionally and do not leave it unanswered. The important thing is to ensure that your profile and website are always kept up to date. Opening times, contact details and current offers and campaigns must always be current.


  1. Make yourself known

You’ve already opened your business? Then practising good customer care is particularly important. Increase awareness by distributing flyers and putting up posters (bearing in mind local laws and regulations), cooperate with neighbouring retailers and start small-scale promotions.


  1. Stick together

We have just mentioned cooperation with retailers in the neighbourhood.  That’s something that’s pretty much compulsory. Together you are strong. Don’t see yourself as lone fighters. Benefit from one another by ‘sharing’ your customers and carrying out joint campaigns and promotions. All parties therefore stand to benefit.


  1. Be flexible on price

Another type of customer care is when you’re prepared to be a little flexible on price. Because which of your customers would not be delighted to receive special treatment? In this way, regular customers in particular are more likely to remain loyal. A positive shopping experience is sure to be relayed further to friends and family, setting word of mouth advertising in motion. Another possibility is to set up a customer database. Grant your customers special benefits such as discounts, pre-launch campaigns or even a special event.


  1. Add a little something extra

Small gifts help to maintain a friendship. Why not give your customers a little something here and there when they make a purchase? It doesn’t have to cost a lot. A product sample, ballpoint pen or shopping bag featuring your logo all engender a positive shopping experience.


Merge your online and offline channels and sell your products cross-channel. These days, your customers expect that of you. Adapt to your target group’s new shopping behaviour. wee offers you a great platform for this. It supports bricks and mortar retailers who also want a piece of the online action. And all without large investment costs and fixed charges.

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