Top tips for successful store openings!

Have you opened your own business and become an independent retailer? Congratulations! The process of founding a business to its opening is hard work, but exciting too. Your opening day has finally arrived. What should your planning take into account? What can you plan in advance and what should you be doing shortly before the event starts? To make your store opening a hit, we´ve put together a few useful tips for you.


1. Schedule an appointment

An opening can be compared with planning a big celebration, so be sure to choose a suitable date. Make sure that future customers and business partners are able to get to you easily at this time. In other words, your opening shouldn´t clash with important dates in the sector. For example, the pre-Christmas period, the start of the holidays or important social occasions such as the Soccer World Cup. Otherwise, many of the guests you invite might not be able to attend the opening.


2. Determine the type and scope of the event

Give your opening event a personal touch matching your products and your target group. After all, you want to present yourself and your shop concept at their best, turning guests into future customers. Write a guest list including not just family, friends, service providers and suppliers, but also neighbouring traders. Thinking about your neighbours is a smart move, automatically expanding your networks.  When the guest list is complete, the next step involves making a detailed timetable. Who is responsible for what, and when?


3. Start the advertising campaign

Do you already have a logo? Perfect! Have various types of printed materials made, such as posters, flyers and invitation cards. This permits you to announce your opening over a fixed period of time, and to invite guests personally. Talk to local traders in your neighbourhood – you can leave your flyers with them for customers to look at. Distributing flyers is free, apart from the printing costs, enabling you to make contacts in your neighbourhood. Online marketing, suitable to the product and service, is also recommended. It´s quick and easy to set up a website, of course, not forgetting Facebook, Instagram & Co.  Social networks are a fast and uncomplicated way to establish direct contact with your customers. Don´t forget to inform your local print media!


4. Safety first

Tripping hazards and dangerous corners? Try to avoid these potential hazards at your place of business, right from the start. An ambulance or the fire brigade arriving during your event might put an end to it. You should consider using a security firm, according to the size of your event. This point is often overlooked. Information on safety regulations is available at your local regulatory agency.


5. Opening promotion

The big day is approaching, so what can you offer your customers that´s really extra special? Do your customers have the option of trying out all of your products? Promotional moves like this are perfect for getting initial personal feedback on your products from your target group. Set up a customer database so that you can inform your guests about future offers and promotional activities.


6. Provide your guests with food and drink.

Catering should match the time and kind of event. If the opening is planned during the day, be sure to serve a champagne reception, plus soft drinks and snacks.  Brunch is a terrific idea. If your event is in the evening, what could be better than cocktails, sophisticated snacks and suitable background music? Have local catering companies send you their quotes. Alternatively, the restaurant around the corner may be your best choice for beginning new business ties.


7. Shortly before the event starts

The catering has been ordered, the retail outlet is looking its best. Your shop window serves as an invitation to the event for passers-by. All the staff and assistants know exactly what they have to do on the big day. Perfect. Let´s get started! Before we wish you all the best, we have a final tip for you: Commission a photographer to immortalise those great moments. If your memories aren´t all wonderful, you can use the images for marketing later on.


8. And finally …

Here´s a final tip from us: Customers’ shopping behaviour has changed a great deal in this digital age. Customers now get their information from the Internet before contacting specialist suppliers, and vice-versa. This link between stationary trading and digital sales channels is known as cross-channel. Traditional retailers such as yourself can benefit from adapting to your customers´ new consumer habits. wee is the perfect solution for traders wanting to use the opportunities offered by the world of digital shopping. And all without large investment costs and fixed charges. We wish you good luck for your big day!

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