Step by step guide to becoming a weePartner

You already know wee and its benefits and you want your business to grow as a weePartner?

This is how you become a weePartner:

1. Register

Your personal advisor helps you register. Registration is complete in just a few steps. Your advisor helps you with all the important questions, even after registration is complete.

2. Company profile

Your personal adviser helps you set up your company profile in the wee marketplace. Here you can describe your product portfolio or services with informative text and photos, and inform your customers about offers or other special deals. The more detailed and complete your profile is, the better it can be found on the wee website and in the weeApp. Customers all over the world can find and view your company profile in the wee marketplace. Integration of your company profile into the weeApp is automatic.

3. Loyalty rebates

Grant your customers a cashback. You alone decide the level of cashback, in the form of wee, should be. You can alter the cashback amount at any time, so for example, you might increase the cashback during quiet periods to attract more customers.

4. Get customers involved in wee

By issuing your personalized weeCards and your QR code via the weeApp, you can get your customers involved in wee and start the bonus program.

5. weePos

All transactions are processed via the weePos point of sale system.


Do not have a personal advisor and would like to know more about us and wee? You are welcome to send us your questions by e-mail.

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