Over the last month, both the weeApp and platform again saw substantial development. So reason enough for us to inform you about the latest features and improvements today. Over the coming months, other exciting new projects are planned for wee, which we would also like to show you today. We would like to wish you a successful July with wee. And you can look forward to some exciting new features in the forthcoming months!

What we’ve released for you this month:

✓ The city concept has been launched and has been thoroughly positively received. In regional city guides, customers can find weePartners in their city/region, which will help wee’s geographic spread.

What we’ve improved for you this month:

✓ Corrupt shops have been completely fixed/removed. Among other things, prepaid topups can now be made flawlessly in the weePortal shop.

✓ Image and logo adjustment: Shop logos now undergo optimal adjustment in the carousel on wee.com. As soon as a shop uploads its logo, this is automatically converted and resized. Visitors’ first impressions of the shop are therefore considerably more attractive.

✓ In the shop detail view (wee.com and weeApp), days of the week with opening times are now shown in the correct order, providing customers with a better overview of opening times.

✓ Various translations have been improved and are now shown correctly on the website and in the weeApp.

✓ The shop selection list in the weePos app is now scrollable, making use for chain stores in particular considerably easier. Note: After updating the weePos app, it is sometimes necessary to log out then log back in again.

What you can soon expect to see in the weeApp:

➢ Soon you will be able to click a shop’s website address and be taken directly to its website via a hyperlink.

➢ By clicking on the telephone symbol/linked telephone number, you will soon be able to directly telephone the respective shop.

➢ By clicking on the location symbol (see screenshot) a map will open, which will precisely display the respective shop’s location.

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