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Shopping abroad- why purchasing at weePartners is rewarded

When it comes to the ultimate shopping experience, comparing prices becomes unavoidable, that is also when shopping abroad. But often dubious dealers cross your way when looking for a purchase at a good price – because you as a tourist don’t know the market and its dealers. They try to offer you best-price products that obviously turn out to be fake. To avoid these traps, we recommend you a purchase at a local weePartner dealer.

weePartners are situated worldwide and in all different sectors: clothing, cosmetics or souvenirs. The purchase at a weePartner reduces trouble at customs and has many advantages when it comes to the payment. With the weeApp and the store locator, you can find all weeShops near your current location and can choose the right one for you. Another advantage is the possibility to redeem your previously collected wee Cashback on the purchase. There are no problems with exchange or any differences in the exchanging rates because when paying with the weeCard or weeApp, everything works automatically. Moreover, the collecting of your points is effected immediately. To make your vacation a shopping-success at its fullest, buy at weePartner stores of your trust and enjoy the vantages that wee offers you.

The best feeling at the end of a trip abroad is always when you bring money back home – isn’t it?

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