weeXmas Day

More than 800 participants from 15 different countries joined the weeXmas Day on December 18th, in Munich, to celebrate the end of a successful year.

Everybody came together: from France and Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and Slovakia, England and so on… a mixture of languages filled the lobby, but all understood each other, because passion and engagement are the language of wee, and this philosophy connects us all.

Standing ovations for the four-legged TV-spot stars, the two Dalmatians Sly and Sora, right before the presentation.




“The last few months have been very exhausting and have cost us a lot of strength,” said Cengiz Ehliz, “But it was worth it – in the end, all expectations were surpassed!”




The company is very proud of their top performers and employees who have led to this success as a team with their tireless commitment.


“We are all wee. wee belongs to all… “, was the spirit in the air of the festive banquet hall, when the formalization of the WKN-number and the stock packages was announced. The vision of Cengiz Ehliz, founder of the weeCONOMY Group, is taking shape now.


The start of the new and innovative Cashback-System, which connects local and virtual trade in one exclusive digital global marketplace, has been launched. The project wee is on the road to success. Transnational. Sustainable.


With a great press conference and PR-campaign, an outstanding TV-spot as the centrepiece of the campaign, which kicked off in nine European countries on 18 December, there is already a great deal of awareness for the emerging brand wee. This is only the beginning on the way to the Big Bang!



We are also very pleased with the success and progress of weeCHARITY. The responsible charity ladies do magnificent work. A generous donation to the charity project was handed over. All raffle tickets of the Charity-Tombola were sold on weeXmas Day, so that a generous donation could be handed over to the Charity project. Thank you to all donors and the sponsors of the high-quality prices! The earnings of the raffle go 100% into the projects of the weeCHARITY.




weeXmas Day – a milestone, a beautiful and lasting memory of the year 2016.


We have made great strides together this year and we look forward to continuing to advance our vision together in 2017.


Enjoy the Christmas holidays and allow the special magic of these days to inspire you to greater things!


We wish and your family a Merry and blessed Christmas, a peaceful and restful holiday season and a good start to a happy and successful New Year!

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