Cash, not Points.

Nowadays, there are loads of cashback systems, that promise customers the most adequate offers and extra services.

What is Cashback?

Cashback means „give cash back “and has its origins in Affiliate Marketing. Many bonus programs have adapted this system and offer to collect loyalty points or even get cash back on local and online purchases. The traditional procedure of collecting points transformed into the Cashback system as it is nowadays.

In the Cashback system, every user receives points for each purchase, which are credited to the users account. The collected credit can be paid out as real money. Discount-Card providers usually only allow to exchange the points in to rewards ore shopping vouchers.

There are so many Cashback alternatives, what should I look out for?

First, it is important to read the small print carefully before deciding. Sometimes Cashback does not mean cash back. Second, it is also important to know which and how many acceptance-points the provider has. Finally, to effectively save money, the cooperation between many shops is essential. Many providers have an expiry date for their collected points – be aware of the Cashback’s validity!

In addition to conventional Cashback providers, new Cashback-System established themselves on the market. One of them is wee.

wee is the first bonus system which lets you benefit when shopping at your local butcher’s. Or at your hairdresser’s. Or with many online retailers.

wee is accepted by local retailers in more than 24 countries and many well-known online shops. You can either use your wee towards each purchase or have it paid out.


You can view your personal weeAccount at any time – with your balance and an overview of all your transactions.


You can have your wee transferred into cash at any time.

wee can be used towards purchases. So, you’re saving at the checkout.

Membership is free.

Make the most of wee through the online shopping community at many well-known online shops.

wee now operates in 24 countries and the number is growing. You can even save on holiday.

With the weeApp you get interesting offers on your smartphone at any time from local weePartners and you also have an overview of all the wee functions.

Whether you collect wee with the weeCard or weeApp – the benefits are the same everywhere.

wee only expire after 36 months.

wee is committed to social action projects for disadvantaged children. You can help too, and donate the wee you collect to weeCHARITY

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