7 Money-Saving Christmas Tips

Year after Year –  Christmas is coming. Our piggy bank is still underweight from summer vacation and our wallet is frightened, when it comes to Christmas.

Don´t worry! We show you the best way to save money on Christmas.

1. Buy Christmas decoration after Christmas

Christmas decoration never goes out of style. Buy reduced decoration and wrapping paper after Christmas, in order to use it the following year.

 2. Buy low-season articles

"First grilled steak of 2007" is ready!

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Give away outdoor BBQ-Grills or toys for summer. There are very high discounts on these items during this season.

3. Recycle chips bags and use them as wrapping paper


Good news – there is no need to stop your chips consumption. Reversed, cleaned, and dried, they are a pretty wrapping paper.

4. Environment friendly DIY Christmas Tree

via Bobbibloger

Your dusty books from last Christmas will get a new function.

5. Blaze of lights for smart savers

Using solar outdoor Christmas lightening lowers your electricity bill.

For your health, you should change the old lights anyway 😉

6. Get Cashback!

wee.com gives back cash, instead of loyalty points with very purchase in online or local stores. The use is free of charge. Therefore, you are saving twice more money on Christmas shopping.

7. Buy in local stores

wee strengthens local retailers. Picture source: "obs/wee/Monkey Business Images/shutterstock.com"

wee strengthens local retailers. Picture source: “obs/wee/Monkey Business Images/shutterstock.com”

You can bargain with a salesman, so that your present is maybe cheaper than buying it online. In addition, local weePartners offer Cashback on top!

Hopefully our tips benefit your Christmas, save you money and soothe your wallet!

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