WEE – The new Cashback System

wee makes the difference

wee is the only Cashback system, this term actually does justice. At wee, customers don´t earn points for non-cash rewards, instead they save money with every purchase at local merchants and service providers. The wee network also includes many online stores as well as large major brands. wee is already available at 25,000 local merchants in 24 countries, including more than ten countries in Europe, and it is growing daily. Currently the major market entry of wee is taking place in Germany. If you would like to be informed visit: wee.com

1 Euro for every wee

Customers can receive cash money thru wee or even save while paying at the register. Every wee is worth 1 Euro – depending on the local currency. The collected wee can be charged against your next purchase at a retailer or even the hairdresser. To strengthen local commerce, the collected online-wee can only be redeemed at the local retailer. If you wish, you can withdraw your balance directly – this takes place in cooperation with the wee partner bank.

wee is easy

Participating merchants and service providers are listed on the weeApp and the website www.wee.com. Here customers can search for specific products and services. When paying wee are credited. This is done by scanning the QR code from the app on the smartphone or via customer card. In addition, the weeApp provides individually interesting offers to your mobile phone. When shopping online, you’re directed to the merchant’s store – wee cashback will be credited automatically. The participation is free. Accumulated wee remain valid not only for twelve, but 36 months. Via the website and the app all customers can check their credit and transaction history at any time.

wee strengthens local merchants

wee focuses, unlike the most known bonus systems, not only on large retailers, but especially on local retail. wee offers an ideal platform for the digitization of businesses. Especially small and medium retailers and service providers feel that the online market can often be problematic and challenging – wee is a simple but professional start for them. wee employees have extensive experience in consulting retailers. And can thereby directly and quickly assist dealers and companies in the professional presentation of their business on the wee website and weeApp.

Moreover, wee offers merchants and service providers the possibility to make customer cards with their own branding. Whether it is a boutique, restaurant or hotel, every company is always present with its customers. In addition, wee companies or associations offer the possibility of an incentive program, which includes pre-charged wee cards that can be passed on to employees or members.

wee benefit all

With wee, saving can be local, online and more convenient. But not only customers and retail are beneficiaries of wee. By supporting local merchants and service providers, wee is also an effective means against the often-lamented demise of the inner cities.

Even those who don’t participate benefit. And wee helps another group: children in need. The non-profit association weeCHARITY for kids supports disadvantaged children worldwide quickly and easily with financial and material resources.


About wee

wee is the first cashback system to help customers save money on their daily purchases. wee focuses mainly on local retailers and service providers. Each payment process is credited, there are no hidden costs. The collected wee can either be deducted at the next purchase or – be paid out – in cooperation with a partner bank. One wee corresponds to 1 Euro – depending on the local currency.

For further information visit wee.com

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