Master Digital Transformation

Find out how wee can help retailers cope with changing shopping behavior

Many businesses established before the Internet, are now facing the challenge – how to change to compete in the digital economy?

The digitalization in all areas cannot be stopped. Around 90% of traditional companies have no digital strategy as of today. Many of these businesses, which don’t use the trend, could soon disappear from the market or lose their importance.

What is digital transformation? 

Digital transformation means rethinking.

Retail stores and companies need to rethink, even if they deliver excellent products and services. Because an online store and/or social media alone cannot solve the challenges of digitization. Traditional companies need to rethink their underlying five strategic domains for the digital age – Customers, Competition, Data, Innovation, Value.

How can small businesses, companies or organizations accomplish a digital transformation?

Many find it difficult to rethink or simply do not know where and how to start. With the weeCONOMY they can meet the challenge of digital transformation.

The weeCONOMY offers with it’s new marketplace „wee“ one of the largest business and customer networks in Europe. Today over 25,000 stores in 24 countries and many well-known online stores are already networked together – new ones are joining every day!

wee Covers Many Digital Strategy Areas:

  • wee is a unique digital platform, in which both offline and online touchpoints are connected.
  • wee is mobile commerce of the future (shop in local and online stores).
  • wee is an innovative digital customer loyalty program.
  • wee is a bonus system in which all parties benefit and it returns real money.
  • wee provides data-driven marketing to ensure individual customer experiences.



With wee, you can easily integrate the requirements of digitization in your existing business and organization.

wee is your tool for customer loyalty, networking, big data, real-time and the survival of your business in the digital age. All you have to do is to transform yourself – wee does the rest!

For detailed consultation about the “wee” marketplace, please contact us or participate in one of our information events.

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