Why Local Shopping Is Important

Local shopping has many advantages. It’s convenient, the money stays in the local economy, it preserves jobs, supports the neighborhood, is helping charity and protects the environment.

Many small businesses surround our daily lives. Unfortunately, many have forgotten the important role they play in both our economy and society.

Family Business – here you are still mostly served by the store owner. It’s amazing how much time and hard work these people invest in their business – rather their lives! In times of digitization, it is certainly not easy to run a classic local business.

Why is the local retail so important?

Small businesses give us a lot!

Small businesses have “community character” and provide many economic and social benefits for the community or city. They strengthen partnerships and social contacts between neighbors, residents, other small business owners, and even schools. They ensure that the money stays in their own economy.

Local companies offer regional products and hire local service providers. Short transport routes, lower the pollution and protect the environment. Local stores can be reached eco-friendly on foot or by bike.

Small business owners love to do something “good” for the community. They support the sports club, local events, schools and fundraisers etc. 250% times more as large companies do that!

Locally run stores tend to employ more local workers and pay good wages than comparable chain stores. This means that they have sufficient purchasing power too and lead a good life.

There are many sympathy points for local retailers.

The weeCONOMY supports and strengthens the local retail. Here about 25,000 local retailers from 24 countries, as well as many well-known online stores are already connected. An international marketplace with a unique bonus system. wee is the first bonus system that allows you to benefit from the butcher around the corner. Or your hairdresser. Or at many online retailers. Here you can profit of discounts on every purchase that are worth real cash!

This infographic shows why shopping local should be a top priority on your shopping list.

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