1. Information from weeConomy AG regarding data protection

We are glad that you visited our website and have shown interest in our company and services. Protecting your personal information is important to us. We would like to reassure you that your personal data is in safe hands. We guarantee that the collection, processing and use of your personal data is done in absolutely accordance with the Swiss data protection laws, specifically the Federal Data Protection Act. Our employees, who deal with the processing and use of your data, are obliged by us to data secrecy. This obligation to keep data secret continues beyond the termination of employment contracts.

The data that you entrust to us is absolutely safe. weeConomy AG does not engage in any sale, exchange or other unauthorised use of personal data or information. We guarantee that your personal data is not forwarded without authorisation to other companies or organisations. By transferring your data and using this website, you accept the data protection statement and agree with the regulations set out within.


2. Personal data

Personal data consists of all information regarding the personal and actual status of an identified or an identifiable person. This includes information and details such as your (actual) name, your home address or other postal address, your telephone number, your ID data and your email address. Information that cannot be used to identify you is not included. Such information may be: Details not related to a name, such as gender, age, education or income. In many cases concerning our interactive services you can enter such data (without a name). Such information is therefore regarded as personal data that could identify a person, or at least be used to help identify a person. It is this data that is specifically protected by data protection laws, which we uphold through technical and organisational measures.


3. Collection and use of personal data

In order to perform our services, it is necessary for weeConomy AG to collect, save, process and use the personal data that is entrusted to us, in accordance with data protection laws. This only occurs once the customer consents to the collection, saving, processing and use of the necessary personal data to access our services by confirming agreement with the General Terms and Conditions. This consent is recorded by weeConomy AG.

To visit the parts of our website that are publicly accessible no data is required. You will remain anonymous. We use the personal data that you actively provide (e.g. data entered upon registration and jobber verification) and that is provided as part of your registration (e.g. host name of the computer accessing our site, IP address, date, time of access), in order to securely carry out the services you have requested. We also use this data for things such as the newsletter, recommending other sites and suggesting similar offers.

If we intend to use your data for a purpose that legally requires your consent, we will ask you to provide clear consent before we use your data. You have the right to withdraw consent already given at any time and/or forbid any future use of your data.


4. Deletion and correction of personal data

You have the right to view any saved data or settings relating to you personally through your profile at any time, and are able to correct, supplement or delete them. You also have the right to withdraw your agreement to the operator’s collection and storage of any further voluntarily provided data at any time. You simply have to send an email to weeConomy AG ( If you do wish to withdraw your agreement to the collection and storage of personal data, however, we will unfortunately be unable to provide you with any services.


5. Information about personal data

You can request information about personal data relating to you that we have saved free of charge and at any time. You must provide a valid ID to verify that this is your account. weeConomy AG reserves the right to impart this information electronically.


6. Use of cookies

In order to provide some of our services we must use cookies. We use cookies to optimise and individualise the time you spend online and the online experience. A cookie is a text file that is temporarily (session cookie) or permanently (permanent cookie) saved to your computer. Cookies are not used to execute programs or load viruses onto your computer. The main purpose of cookies is to be able to create an offer that is customised for you and to design our services in a way that saves you the most time possible. The standard settings on most browsers allow cookies to be accepted. You can, however, change the settings on your browser so that cookies are rejected, or that confirmation is required. If you reject cookies, some of our offers will not function correctly.

We also use cookies to collect, process and use your user data. The purpose of these cookies is to make weeConomy AG user friendly and user oriented as well as efficient and secure. One thing made simpler is the login process – in order to make returning to our website easier, you can remain logged in for up to 30 days. We save certain personal data in cookies to identify a logged-in user.


7. Subject to alterations

weeConomy AG reserves the right to make alterations to this data protection statement at any time in accordance with legal requirements.

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