5 Good Reasons to be weePartner

wee is a cashback portal that operates internationally and has already numerous shops in this collaboration. We concentrate mainly on shops in EU countries. Here we are building on a constantly growing offline community that is recruiting virally for wee.

Learn the reasons why money instead of loyalty points is persuasive.

1. wee brings you new customers by increasing your exposure

wee is connecting local retailers and online shops in its marketplace at wee.com, with a corresponding smartphone app.

Customers can search wee.com for online shops and local retailers who offer them attractive discounts through wee.

The discounts from wee can be settled immediately, or be paid to their account: “Cash, not loyalty points” makes wee more interesting to customers than all existing similar bonus schemes.

In the weeApp and wee marketplace, you can promote your business and offers for free to millions of customers and especially in your local area.

In the wee marketplace, you will be found via the search function and search results page.

And for even more additional visibility, you have the option of ordering weeCards, featuring your logo and name, in your company design/branding, which you issue to your customers.

Since the end of 2016, wee, and therefore all weePartners, are promoted in a comprehensive advertising campaign.

2. With wee, you earn from the transactions of your customer’s

As a weePartner, you earn commission from the transactions made by your customer at other weePartners (local and online). So, you earn every time your customers make a purchase from unlimited weePartners worldwide, online and offline, around the clock, and for if you are a weePartner.

3. wee is easy to use

The weePos Terminal offers weePartners all relevant functions that enable a quick overview and timely settlement. The software, which was specially developed for the checkout situation, helps you to settle cashback and wee quickly and easily. It is intuitive and self-explanatory to use, meaning that comprehensive training of your sales staff is not necessary.

Furthermore, you have access to the comprehensive FAQs, which answer all questions about wee clearly and self-explanatory. This ensures that, as a weePartner, you are always fully informed about all news and features.

4. wee offers ready to use infrastructure, without setup costs

As a weePartner, you receive innovative merchant tools, for example the weePos app for easy payment and management of customer data. This gives you an immediate overview of your sales and commission.

This entire infrastructure is available to you at no cost.

5. wee is successful when you are successful

In contrast to other bonus systems, you only pay wee when you have made sales. You can choose the percentage of cashback given and pay just a small processing fee on top.

Have we aroused your interest? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

Register now! https://wee.com/b2b.php


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