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Where can I get the weeAPP?

How do I activate and use the weeAPP?

To use the weeAPP you need a personalised QR code from another member or an official weePARTNER. Scan the QR code with your weeAPP and then you can register. You can also be invited with a personalised link.

What functionalities are available in the weeAPP?

This is your key to the weeCONOMY. You can use it to collect weeS at participating shops and locations.

Can I use the weeAPP on two different smartphones with two different numbers simultaneously?

Yes, you can. You can use the weeAPP on several smartphones without any problems. The app synchronises itself.

What is weeKISS?

You can invite friends with weeKISS and receive even more weeS as a thank you. Every time your friend shops using the weeAPP. You will be surprised how much this can add up to. You can also like shops and locations to make them become weePARTNERS.

How does weeKISS work?

The weeKISS works in three simple steps:
Your friends download the weeAPP onto their smartphones.
They scan the individual QR code or invitation link that you received when you registered with the weeAPP.
And lastly: your friends register on the weeAPP (or on and receive their own individual QR code. With this code they can now use weeKISS to invite their friends and profit themselves. 

How much weeS do I get from weeKISS?

This is what you get with weeKISS:
1 weeKISS or more & 10 likes = 0.5%
2 weeKISS or more & 20 likes = 0.6%
5 weeKISS or more & 30 likes = 0.7%
10 weeKISS or more & 100 likes = 0.8%
15 weeKISS or more & 150 likes = 0.9%
20 weeKISS or more & 200 likes = 1.0%
The percentages refer to all weeS that your friends collect from shopping. For example, if your friend, Peter, saves 100 euros, you’ll receive 1 euro (in weeS).

What is the weeCARD and what are the advantages of using it?

The weeCARD is a card that you can use instead of or in addition to the weeAPP. You can use it to collect weeS and have it paid out onto your bank account.

Where can I get a weeCARD?

You can get weeCARDS from all weePARTNERS. Use our search function to find participating shops and locations near you.

How much does the weeCARD cost?

The weeCARD is absolutely free for every member.