weeConvention 2016

8.000 guests from different nations witnessed on 18 September 2016 a historic day and exciting event in the Olympiahalle in Munich – the weeConvention!

Our partners and their international guests as well as the internal management team and staff experienced an exciting and entertaining show.

Bang Opening!

As the hall still filled-up, a spectacular drum solo and an epic light show opened the event!


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weeConvention 2016 – the hall is filling up!

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The two show hosts rocked the stage with „THIS IS THE MOMENT”.

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The first half of the weeConvention included numerous interesting presentations from marketing, sales and IT. Between the presentations our partners were honored for their achievements. Sensational dance shows and a Star Singer with a stunning classical performance accompanied the event.

(Persons from left to right: Andreas Felix, Geschäftsführer 123save GmbH; Ewald Schmutz, Verwaltungsrat weeCONOMY Group AG; Dr. Judith Behr, CEO weeBusiness GmbH & FlexCom International AG; Waldemar Manhart Country Manager Polen; Mirko Scheffler, Vice President of Sales; Peter Grünewald, Vice President of Sales; Michael Scheibe, Founding Member/Senior Vice President; Savaz Uzun, CEO weeTURKEY A.S.)


In the second half of the weeConvention a world famous sports titan took the stage. The audience got insights to the media campaign and a sneak preview at the first test campaign was presented. Other partner tributes filled the stage. Last, but not least the man of the hour entered the big show stage in the Olympic Hall – Cengiz Ehliz.


Amazing entrance of wee company founder Mr. Cengiz Ehliz! #weeConvention

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„Entscheidend sind im Leben nicht nur die guten Taten,

sondern was wir der Welt hinterlassen“

– Cengiz Ehliz-

Company founder Cengiz Ehliz presented groundbreaking innovations and future plans of the company – of which all people will benefit! Particular emphasis was thereby our club „weeCHARITY for kids„, which helps children in need worldwide.

The afternoon show ended with a BIG BANG: Glitter rain, party music and pure enthusiasm filled the hall.


BIG BANG! #weeConvention 2016. What an amazing event! ?? Thank you for celebrating with wee!

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In the occasion of the Oktoberfest, wee spent free beer for all during the big break. The weeConvention after show party with a live performance of an absolute megastars of pop music capped the final. Thank you so much for the Tweet!



It was a great pleasure and honor to experience this memorable and historic day with our friends, partners and employees!

Live and love wee – worldwide!

Impressionen weeConvention 2016: (more pictures will follow)

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